Hard Money Loans in Delaware

We Offer The Highest LTV/Loan To Value in the Industry

Quick Real Estate Funding in Delaware

As a hard money lender with a strong presence in Delaware, we understand the intricacies of the state’s real estate market. Our expertise in this region allows us to provide fast and flexible funding options to both brand new and seasoned real estate investors. Whether you need funding for short-term, Fix and Flip or a Bridge Loan, we have you covered. If you are a new or an experienced real estate developer, we offer Ground Up Construction. Brand new Landlords can acquire rental properties with our DSCR / Rental Loan.

But what sets us apart is our streamlined application process and competitive rates. We know that time is of the essence in real estate transactions, and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver prompt and efficient financing solutions.

Whether you are looking to fund a fix-and-flip project or secure a property for investment purposes, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Our Expertise in Delaware Real Estate

Our expertise in Delaware real estate is unparalleled, making us the top choice for hard money lending in the state. With a deep understanding of the local market, we have positioned ourselves as leaders in property development and investment. Through years of experience and extensive knowledge of real estate market trends, we have developed a keen ability to identify lucrative opportunities and mitigate risks.

Our team of experts is well-versed in all aspects of property development, including market analysis, and project management. We stay up to date with the latest market trends, ensuring that our lending decisions are based on accurate and reliable information. Our expertise allows us to assess the viability and profitability of a project, making us a trusted partner for real estate developers and investors.

We understand that the real estate market is constantly evolving, and staying ahead of the curve is crucial to success. Our team actively monitors market trends, analyzing factors such as supply and demand, interest rates, and economic indicators. This enables us to provide our clients with valuable insights and guidance, helping them navigate the ever-changing landscape of real estate investing.

Fast and Flexible Funding Options

With our extensive knowledge of the Delaware real estate market, we can provide fast and flexible funding options to meet the needs of our clients. We understand that real estate transactions often require quick approval and funding, and we are committed to streamlining the process for our borrowers.

One of the key features of our funding options is our quick approval process. We understand that time is of the essence in real estate deals, and our team works diligently to provide timely responses to loan applications. Our streamlined approval process allows us to make quick decisions, enabling our clients to secure financing in a timely manner.

In addition to our quick approval process, we also offer customized loan terms. We understand that each real estate transaction is unique, and we collaborate closely with our clients to tailor loan terms that meet their specific needs. Whether it is a short-term fix and flip project or a long-term investment DSCR loan, our team is dedicated to creating loan terms that align with our clients’ goals and objectives.

At Quick Real Estate Funding, we pride ourselves on offering fast and flexible funding options to support the real estate endeavors of our clients in Delaware. Our quick approval process and customized loan terms enable us to provide the financing solutions our clients need to succeed in the competitive real estate market.

Supporting Seasoned Investors and First-Time Buyers

Seasoned investors and first-time House Flippers alike can rely on our expertise and support in navigating the Delaware real estate market.

As a hard money lender in Delaware, we understand the unique challenges faced by both experienced investors and those entering the market for the first time. Whether you are a seasoned investor looking to expand your portfolio or a first-time landlord trying to make your mark in the real estate industry, we are here to provide the experienced guidance and financial assistance you need.

Our team of professionals have extensive knowledge of the Delaware real estate market, allowing us to offer valuable insights and advice to seasoned investors. We understand the complexities and intricacies of the market and can help you identify lucrative investment opportunities. With our experienced guidance, you can make informed decisions and maximize your returns.

First-time real estate investors can rest assured to know they are in good hands. We understand that buying your first investment property can be overwhelming, which is why we provide flexible funding options to suit your specific needs. Our team will work closely with you to understand your financial situation and offer solutions that align with your goals. Please keep in mind our popular products which include Fix and Flip, Bridge, Ground Up Construction and DSCR or Rental Loans. We can usually close within ten business days after receiving all the necessary documents.

Whether you are a seasoned investor or brand new, we are committed to supporting you throughout your real estate journey. With our expertise and support, you can navigate the Delaware market with confidence and achieve your investment objectives.

Fix and Flip

  • 12 Months interest only
  • Loan Amount $100k - $7M
  • 680 fico score or higher
  • Up to 85% of the purchase price + 100% of renovation cost (up to 65% ARV).
  • 1-4 units, condo/townhouses
  • Short-Term Bridge

  • 12-24 Months interest only
  • Loan Amount $100k - $2M
  • 680 fico score or higher
  • Up to 75% LTV
  • Refinance or Cash-out
  • 1-4 Units, condo/townhouse
  • Satisfactory appraisal
  • Fast Closing
  • Rental Loan

  • 30 Year, fully amortized
  • 1-4 Units, condo/townhouse
  • Loan Amount $100k - $2M
  • 680 fico score or higher
  • Up to 80% purchase price
  • Strong Rental Income
  • Refinance or Cash-out
  • Fast Closing
  • Multifamily

  • 12 Months interest only or 30 Yr Fixed
  • Five Units or more including Mixed-use
  • Loan Amt $250k - $10M
  • 680 fico score or higher
  • Up to 75% LTV
  • Refinance or Cash-out
  • Ground Up

  • One to Four Units
  • Up to 75% purchase price and 100% Rehab costs
  • $150k to 2M
  • Up to 70% ARV
  • Minimum 680 credit score
  • Must have prior experience with ground up construction
  • Hard Money Loan Products

    Simple Solutions for Investors and Flippers

    Quick Real Estate Funding is the go-to company for hard money loans in Connecticut. If you are an investor, flipper, or a landlord, give us a call to learn more about the loan products we offer. We are also a nationwide hard money lender (excluding AK, CA, NV, AZ, ND, SD, MN, ID, VT & OR).



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