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What are rental loans and why you should use them

What is the definition of a rental property loan?

A rental property loan is a first-lien mortgage backed by a residential or commercial real estate inhabited by a tenant rather than an owner. The property must be ready to rent to qualify. The renter is usually for a lengthy period, although rental property loans can be utilized for short-term rentals, such as holiday rentals or Airbnb.

What is the definition of an investment property?

1-4 unit, condominiums, townhouses, Multifamily 5 units or more Mixed-use are examples of investment properties that qualify for rental property loans.

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You will find it easy to start your enterprise on the right track with us by your side. A rental loan is a lending program that makes it easier for property investors and house-flippers to advance their operations. These loans are easier to gain approval, as the leading criteria emphasize a home’s investment potential. This loan is ideal for business-oriented clients that would like to start a Rental Portfolio or dramatically increase it.

What are the benefits of a Rental loan over a traditional bank loan?

It is a streamlined process and less documents are needed. The underwriters focus on the value and rental income potential. These are the typical requirements for a Rental Loan.

  • 680 Fico score or higher
  • 20% Down Payment
  • Two Recent Bank Statements
  • Appraisal showing the as-is value and Market Rent
  • Title Search

Private money or Rental loans are extremely popular among the career real estate investors because no-income verification. The interest rates are low. These loans usually close within 2-4 weeks compared to traditional bank 60-90 days. The traditional bank requires 25-35% down payment, loan to debt analysis and full income verification.


We are a Nationwide Private Money Lender making it easier for Investors to pursue their dreams and build generational wealth. We will work with you to find the lending strategy that best suits your needs. In addition, we will assist you in the pre-approval process to help get your real estate offer accepted in this highly competitive market.

Make an investment with confidence: we are with you at each step. Our lending agents are highly knowledgeable about different programs, and we are here to answer any of your questions. If you are considering options beyond the rental loan, we can make recommendations as well. Our company is also available for a variety of other services, including hard money loans.

Contact us to request a consultation for an investment loan. Currently, we serve clients in forty-one states, including the state of Connecticut.

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