Hard Money Pre-Approval Questionnaire for Non-owner Occupied Properties


    Full name

    Business Entity

    Your email

    Phone Number

    Please advise which loan product

    How did you hear about us?


    Full Property Address with zip code , No Mobile Homes

    How Many units?

    HOA Fees


    Annual Insurance

    Specify Purchase, Refinance or Cash-Out

    Loan Amount Request

    Purchase Price

    Estimated(as-is) Property Value

    Estimated Rehab Costs

    Estimated After Repair Value

    Total Rental Income (Enter N/A if none).

    Do you have at least 3 Months Reserve plus Downpayment?

    Have you filed Bankruptcy in the last year?

    How many properties you owned or sold in the last 3 years?

    Are you a USA Citizen?

    Is there an underground oil tank?

    Comment or Loan Scenario

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