Bridge Loans

Are you looking for a loan to finance your next real estate investment? Bridge loans may be the perfect solution. A bridge loan is a hard money loan that allows you to acquire an investment property quickly. You can use these loans to purchase, repair, or refinance properties fast. Plus, they are tailored to meet your specific needs as an investor.


Whether you’re looking to purchase or refinance an investment property, a bridge loan can be the perfect solution for fast and convenient financing. Bridge loans are short-term loans that provide investors with quick access to capital so they can take advantage of opportunities in the market. Advantages include fast underwriting, little documentation needed compared to residential loans or conventional mortgages, as well as tremendously faster closing time. This Hard Money loan has simple guidelines, 680 fico or higher, no income verification or tax returns, plus reserves to cover closing costs and future payments.  Bridge loans are interest only which make the monthly payments more affordable while the investor completes the repairs.

Bridge loans can be used for many different scenarios, such as purchasing new properties or refinancing existing ones. They are commonly used by real estate investors who may not have access to other forms of financing due to their unique financial situation. The application process is relatively simple and streamlined compared to a traditional mortgage loan. Hard money or Bridge Loans can be used to purchase residential and commercial properties. In terms of market trends, it has become increasingly popular among real estate investors due to its flexibility and convenience. It’s important to compare bridge loans with other alternatives before making a final decision on which one is best for your needs. Quick Real Estate Funding offers tailored Bridge Loans for real estate investors that come with competitive rates and flexible terms so you can get the financing you need quickly and easily.

Types and Terms

Bridge loans are short-term financing with a streamed lined process and faster closing times than residential loans. These loans can have a term of anywhere from 12-24 months and offer up to 75% loan-to-value (LTV) on qualifying properties. The rates are fixed and interest only. As these are asset-based loans, the credit score of the borrower should be 680 fico or higher. Bridge loans are available for single family homes, condos, townhomes, multi-family housing, commercial properties including mixed use buildings, industrial warehouses and more! All bridge loan programs are subject to an underwriting process and require satisfactory collateral values to be approved. Rates may vary among different customers so it’s always best to contact Quick Real Estate Funding directly to get accurate information about our bridge loan offerings.


Bridge loans offer great benefits for real estate investors, including faster closing times and less stringent loan requirements than traditional loans, making them a valuable asset when it comes to purchasing or refinancing an investment property. This makes them an ideal short-term solution for those looking to quickly acquire the capital necessary for their investment needs. Furthermore, Quick Real Estate Funding offers tailored Bridge Loans with competitive rates on purchases, refinances, or cash out options—allowing you to maximize your profits with minimal risk.

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